April 2, 2002
Dagran Signs Contract to Provide Integration Services for TherapyEdge Inc.
Tucson, Arizona (April 2, 2002) - Dagran, a leading information technology consulting firm focused exclusively on the healthcare industry, today announced that it has signed a contract to provide integration consulting services for TherapyEdge Inc., a leading developer of cutting-edge, point-of-care decision support software for individualized patient care.
Dagran will provide services to create and implement a laboratory results interface to TherapyEdge HIV, a provider of point-of-care decision support for individualized HIV care.
About Dagran
Dagran is a leading provider of information technology consulting services and solutions. Specializing in healthcare, Dagran develops innovative software that integrates and enhances healthcare systems, saving time and money while improving efficiency and outcomes. Dagran's easy-to-use tools and applications facilitate the secure access to and exchange of information between hospitals, doctors and clinicians, improving the communications and connectivity of the entire health sector. Dagran's solutions are reliable, quick, cost effective and facilitate the seamless flow of information, helping customers improve productivity, efficiency, and return on investment. Established in 1998, Dagran has over 50 clients nationally in healthcare.
Contact Information:
  Telephone: 520-886-4719  
  FAX: 520-886-8699  
  Postal address: 10025 East Stella Road  
  Tucson, AZ 95730-3139  
About TherapyEdge
TherapyEdge, Inc., based in Durham , N. C. , is a medical information services company that uses patented technology to create products for both clinicians and healthcare companies. TherapyEdge combines advanced artificial intelligence (AI) with clinical evidence and expert human knowledge to produce cutting-edge, decision support software for individualized patient care. TherapyEdge's proprietary technology efficiently captures and analyzes comprehensive, patient-level, clinical outcomes data, providing greater insight regarding quality of care, best practices, and the effectiveness of drugs and diagnostic testing. The Company exercises stringent privacy procedures and security precautions to protect the confidentiality of patient and physician data and to comply with heightened laws and regulations concerning information privacy (including HIPAA). For more information about TherapyEdge, visit