July 18, 2001
Dagran Announces the Release of InfiniLinks v1.1
Tucson, Arizona (July 18, 2001) - Dagran announced today that an upgrade to its industry-leading Enterprise Application Integration (EAI), InfiniLinks, is now available. With version 1.1, InfniLinks now supports Linux, as well as HP-UX and Microsoft Windows.
“Our end-users often remarked how reliable InfiniLinks is for a new product,” commented Andrew Mallon, Development Manager for InfiniLinks. “With that feedback in hand, we decided to accelerate our development timeline and release a version for Linux several months earlier than planned.”
Remarking on the Linux release, Sherri L. Yandell, President and Chief Executive Officer of Dagran said, “We are excited to be expanding InfiniLinks’ reach. By releasing InfiniLinks under Linux, we are providing our customers with the ability to choose the platform that best meets their needs.”
Version 1.1 also provides customers with a number of minor bug fixes and enhancements.
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