October 2, 2003
Dagran Announces the Release of InfiniLinks v1.4
Tucson, Arizona (October 2, 2003) - Dagran, a leader in healthcare systems integration solutions, announced today the release of an upgrade to its flagship application suite, InfiniLinks. This new release includes a number of new features designed to make communicating with existing endpoint applications even easier. Enhancements include new commands within Communications Definition Language (CDL), new options for storing and viewing debug and communications event data within a communications component, and additional support for real-time communications with legacy applications running on IBM mainframe and mid-range systems..
“The InfiniLinks brand has always been synonymous with innovation and quality," said Sherri L. Yandell, President and Chief Executive Officer of Dagran. "This new version makes a compelling statement to existing and prospective customers that Dagran is committed to providing enterprise-grade functionality at a price everyone can afford.”
"Traditionally, developing software to communicate with applications on legacy systems is a long, iterative process" said Andrew Mallon, Development Manger at Dagran. "The new features included with version 1.4 of InfiniLinks automate the low-level communications requirements, allowing our end-users to focus solely on inserting or extracting data directly at the application level. Our new tools should dramatically reduce the amount of time necessary to complete integration projects"
New InfiniLinks Features
InfiniLinks version 1.4 provides significant augmentations to its Communications Definition Language (CDL) scripting language. The CDL language separates the low-level communications protocol requirements from the high-level application requirements. By setting a few parameters, a user may develop a script that can be used repeatedly, regardless of the communications protocol employed. Version 1.4 adds support for communicating directly with EBCDIC applications, additional commands to query the InfiniLinks server for status information, and provides the script developer with direct access to the operating system’s file system and commands.
Version 1.4 also provides additional flexibility to debugging communications scripts and troubleshooting issues. Each InfiniLinks component that communicates directly with an endpoint application now maintains its own logfile with varying levels of debug and trace information, and script developers now have additional options for controlling the state of the component at run-time.
About Dagran
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